Monday, July 2, 2012


Yesterday Aubree "read" Jada two books-- one that has pics of our family and a Sesame Street book about animals that we've read to Aubree approximately one million times.  She put on a little teacher voice, and I heard her saying things like "Now, Jada, which animal is green and has a shell?"  "Which animal purrs and says 'Meeow?'"  Even though I had sent Jada to Aubree with her books because I was busy cleaning, I had to stop what I was doing to spy on them.  I got a little lump in my throat.  My little girls are growing up, and luckily they seem to really like each other.

Last week was VBS, and on Sunday Aubree could remember the Bible points.  Each day had an animal figurine to take home, and so she was asking me about each animal, "Which animal means 'No matter how you feel- Trust God?"  She probably didn't realize it, but she actually said the 5 points... "No matter who you are... No matter what happens... No matter what people do.... No matter where you are... Trust God!"  I was impressed that she could recall all of that.  Jada was even finishing all the prompts with a BIG "TWUST GOOOOOD!"  So, a HUGE thumbs up to Park Chapel VBS for teaching these truths to my little kiddos.

We visited great-grandma Julia in the nursing home on Saturday with Grandma and Grandpa Maurer.  This is only the second time that Grandma Julie has met Jada, and luckily Jada was in a good mood!  That girl brings serious sunshine with her (when she chooses to!)  Aubree colored her a picture while we there, and told us that she "had such a good time going to see her Grandma Julia."  It was a sweet time, and I'm mad that we forget to take pictures!

Jada is really starting to change.  She makes complete sentences and asks whole questions now, and I keep thinking, "Where did my baby go?"  She is also starting to be interested in different things and has been bringing me book after book to read to her, which I love!  I was starting to think that she was never going to go through the book obsession phase like Aubree did, since they are so incredibly different, but she definitely is ready to start soaking things in.  She even occasionally stops moving long enough to listen to an entire book.  Her best inclinations seem to still be very rhythmic and physical.  She can dance, sing, and find a beat like it's second nature.  She is also fearless about everything.  She'll climb up and jump off of any piece of furniture.  Hope her bones don't break as easily as mine did when I was a little kid, or we're in trouble.

This week we have an empty calendar, for the first time in months.  There's nothing.  It's weird, but I'm embracing it.  I will resist the urge to make a bunch of plans-- no really, I mean it!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

New pics

Phew... we survived a photo session with no tantrums or major meltdowns. (There were a couple of minor ones!)  So glad to get our pictures updated.  In the ones I have hanging up in the house, Jada still has her famous "fro-hawk!
Side by side-- Jada ran up and imitated her big sissy with no direction from us!

My favorite!  This is how my Jada REALLY smiles-- the eyes disappear!  Plus, I am used to seeing her on top of Aubree!  This happens multiple times a day!

Aubree's own unique pose.  I like it!

"Okay, I'll sit here for just a second, but stop getting my piggies!"

"Okay, I'm leaving now!"

Sweet little curly girl!

Aubree:  "Look we're being so good!"  Jada:  "I'm humoring you."

"Saved you a seat!" Who would NOT want to sit next to this little gal!

Jada:  "I'm trying so hard to sit here and be good!'

Not sure what this little expression is... guessing she is plotting her next escape from the studio room.

Singing her favorite song, "You are my Sunshine."  This is the word "happy."

Love Aubree's big sister expression here.  I can just see her shaking her head and saying "oh, Jada!"

Somebody likes the spotlight!  

"Climbing?  Don't mind if I do!"

Sweet little lady!  

The crinkle-nose grin!  I love this one!

She got this shot in one take!  Pretty cool!

"Why, yes, I am a little angel...."

... most of the time!"

"Okay, I'm over it!"

This is her "normal" picture fake smile.  It's kind of funny, though! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Here are the best buddies!  They were getting married this day-- not to each other!  Catrece was marrying her little bub Tristan, and after giving it a little thought, Aubree decided she was gong to marry Rick (Catrece's daddy!)  lol.  I think he's taken, Aubree!

I'm so thankful for this special little friendship, and just as thankful for the friendship I have with Christy (Catrece's mommy!)  This family is such a blessing in our lives!

Cousins and Buddies

Five of the cutest kids you'll ever see!  Getting these five to stand in a line is quite a feat!  So take it in, it might be awhile before this happens again!  We had to pull Jada out of the sandbox and off of the ground to get her to stand in line.  Once she realized it was time to "cheese," things got a little easier!  
(L-R: Our Jada-bug, Nicolas., Julia, Aubree Rose, and Vivian-- So CUTE!)

We love our cousins!!  It's so fun to get them together (even when it get's a little crazy!)

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Fridge Bandit

This girl just makes me want to laugh and pull my hair out all at once!  Not sure where she found Chris's hat, but I really just turned around, and found her up to this-- 
invading the fridge and helping herself to a Dora yogurt.

Putting on the Ritz

Aubree wearing Shaylen's flower girl dress from our wedding!  
She is very excited about this dress!  I can't believe it's been TEN years since this little dress was worn!

Jada's 2nd Birthday/ Aubree's 4th w/ the Family

 (Rainbow Fruit)

 The rainbow cake with Skittles!
 Make a wish, sweet girl!
Ready for cake!

Happy birthday to my two favorite girls!  We partied all month long!